What’s the difference between top rated commercial vacuum cleaners and the cleaner you have at home? Well, commercial vacuum cleaners are much more robust and powerful than the ones used for residential use. They are used in schools, hospitals, supermarkets, airports, offices, factories and other public places and business premises with high-traffic carpeting. These industrial-strength machines are more durable, and are designed for frequent use on carpets that get a lot of dirt and debris. Given their function, power and ability, it’s no surprise that commercial vacuum cleaners tend to be somewhat pricey.

When choosing a commercial vacuum cleaner for a business, the first thing to consider is carpet type. There are many different types of carpeting used in commercial spaces, and you should consult an expert or do your own research to find out a model for your specific carpet type. You should also look at what types of debris the carpet might pick up. Is it just dirt or is there heavier debris like metal shavings, wood chips or the like? You should also consider the total area you want cleaned. Just like residential models, commercial cleaners have different grades, and one designed for a 15,000 square-foot space is not the same as one designed for a 50,000 square-foot space.

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