It matters where you put your light fittings for two reasons. Firstly, and most obviously, they need to be put where the light is needed. But it is also important that they are carefully positioned in relation to each other and in relation to the walls, ceilings, windows, doors, beams, etc.

When we enter a space, and particularly when we enter a space for the first time, our brains, subconsciously, try to make sense of all of the things that we see. Whilst consciously we may be appreciating the colour and texture of the objects in the room, there is also a subconscious process where our brains try to make associations between the objects by calculating, amongst other attributes, their sizes and relative positions. It is important then that when you consider where to position your light fittings you should pay particular attention to the proportions and relative positions of the fittings both with each other and with the other objects in the room; such as the doors, windows, fireplaces, beams, pictures, beds, etc.

If you enter a room where one of the pictures is not quite straight you will notice it almost immediately, and it will bug you, even if only slightly. You may even get the urge to straighten it. You will similarly notice when recessed ceiling lights don’t line up in an obvious way, or when a pendant isn’t located in the centre of the ceiling.

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